Tuesday, 25 June 2013

This Is Anime 18: Introduction And Review Of Sword For Truth (1990)

From http://www.videotapeswapshop.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/key_art_sword_for_truth.jpg

The following is a start of a new series at Videotape Swapshop dealing with the more scuzzier, adult and more explicit end of Japanese anime, specifically how it has been released in the United Kingdom. This season does revel in more lurid content then I usually cover, some of it difficult to defend, but as I have found with everything I've written about on that site and this blog, good and bad, it all brings up so much to say about the stuff they touch upon, the creators and viewers like myself when you give them the chance to be chewed upon and thought about more. I'm also getting a lot braver in covering material like what is covered in this series. In terms of the anime itself, there's two works covered in the series that I will argue have legitimate merit, one that's an amusing failure, and one that straddles the line between unnervingly sincere and a brave attempt at a parody of the content its repeating. Only the ill-advised review of censored erotic anime is indefensible and even then that was compelling for all the wrong reasons.

Introduction To Series - http://www.videotapeswapshop.co.uk/15537/this-is-anime-18/
Review of Sword For Truth (Directed by Osamu Dezaki) - http://www.videotapeswapshop.co.uk/15348/sword-for-truth-%E2%80%93-1990-director-osamu-dezaki/

From http://chroniques-d-un-newbie.fr/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/%C3%A9p%C3%A9edev%C3%A9rit%C3%A908.jpeg

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