Saturday, 29 June 2013

Anime 18 Review Link - Baccano! (2007)


Dir. Takahiro Omori

Despite being a huge fan of anime, whose finally starting to get at the stage of viewing anything in large quantities, I'm likely to stay very picky with what anime series I will buy without viewing first or put a lot of anticipation in. I will watch anything, but only the most offbeat and unconventional anime series immediately grab my interest. Considering how much the box sets for television anime is, even when it's on sale, for me, and I realise I may be a complete skinflint Scrooge when spending my money, I can't slam money on the counter unless its something that, upfront, is going to be unique. Baccano! is very glib and very violent, but its defiantly not conventional for many reasons. It didn't even need to be based on American gangster films and be a series set in Japan and its presentation is still unconventional. It's the sort of anime that (sadly) doesn't sell as much as the Narutos of the world but would ultimately be the more memorable work.

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