Monday, 1 July 2013

Anime 18 Review Link: Malice @ Doll (2000)


Dir. Keitarou Motonaga

Not a lot of words to say for the final link for the Anime 18 season. I intend to bring it back up occasionally or at least cover a few more of these adult rated anime for this blog or, if it suits the moment, on Videotape Swapshop, probably expanding it out to include releases never sold in the United Kingdom like the introduction suggested. And of course I intend to cover everything under the "Anime" medium including the family friendly creations. The following entry, closing this type of series off for now, is my equivalent of the film/anime/show that you randomly discover, no one else really talks about or gives raving reviews of, but fall in love with it. Its perverse to use "love" in some ways considering how nasty and uncomfortable Malice@Doll can get, but it has an odd beauty beneath its incredible dated computer animation and content. Other works have probably depicted the issues of one's condition within their own physical bodies more clearly, but this one's attempt at it is admirable and fascinating nonetheless even if its deeply flawed. I won't get into any further detail so the original review can be of some use. But I will close this post with the note that, as I'm reaching the one year anniversary of working on this blog with proper devotion, it's going to be the works like this that make up this blog's bread-and-butter, these peculiar and interesting oddities, even if they're mainstream releases, that rarely get their dues even in cult cinema reviews. Complete oddities, miscreants and the overlooked and choices that are contrariety on purpose for a reason. All of which will hopefully be interesting or I'll be pissing  hours up the wall without any sense of good work to it all even if its just for my ego.


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